To Know About Wide Format Printer

A wide format printer is a type of printer that can print measurements from 16 inches to 101 inches and broader. These wide format printers are often utilized to announcement banners, print large posters, and other great format signage. You can also look for Ink Jet Monkey to buy best wide format printers at affordable rates.

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They might be more economical than other approaches like screen-printing.  Wide format printers use several technologies which might be grouped based on the type of ink used.  Thermal wide format printers use inks which are aqueous.

There are two chief sorts of aqueous inks: pigments and dyes. Dye inks possess high color but very low UV resistance. They also supply the broadest variety of available colors.  Pigment inks normally possess duller color but can better withstand fading from UV rays.

It is important to think about if your prints will likely be exposed for extended periods into the sunlight.  To conquer, it’s suggested that completed prints out of thermal wide format printers be laminated if they will be used outside. This can preserve the color quality of your prints.

There are lots of components to consider when picking what kind of wide format printer will be appropriate for your requirements.  One is the rate of this printer.

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