The Risks Involved With Overhead Cranes And Their Preventions

The overhead cranes are most important weight lifting equipment’s required at all construction sites and various companies. Overhead cranes usually have a movable bridge having a hoisting system which glides a top at fixed overhead runway. Operating an overhead crane isn’t an easy task. A little carelessness and inattentiveness can bring about horrible accidents if the operator doesn’t know the suitable safety options on bridge cranes.

Safety Measures while Operating the Crane

  1. Never exceed the lifting capacity of the overhead crane. Always test for balance by lifting force a few inches off the ground before lifting it further.
  2. Before you begin to make use of the overhead bridge crane, read the functioning manual thoroughly as each crane has its individual specifications.
  3. Wear protective gear and head protecting gear while operating or doing work near overhead cranes.
  4. Before moving force, always ensure that you have a very clear line of visibility throughout and lift the load excessive enough to clear any things blocking the path below.
  5. Respond to signals only in the personnel operating the lift except for emergency stop signals; which can come from any direction.
  6. Move force as smoothly as possible without sudden jerks in a direction. To lift load vertically and gently, position the hoist directly above force before lifting it and lower it directly below the hoist. Keep two complete wraps of ropes about the hoist to ensure a smooth movement.

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