Lone Worker Safety Is Must

If you own a business you will be needing staff to work on their own and if they are away from supervision, they will have to travel here and there. Letting your workers work in an environment that is dangerous enough without any kind of security would not be a good idea.

In order to find out how to protect your workers it would be necessary to complete a risk analysis to make what are the risks as well as what control measures need to be done. There are various factors to take in to account when looking at lone working risks.

  • Emergency circumstances such as illness, accidents, fire, etc.
  • The risk of violence
  • The use of dangerous machinery
  • The competence level, and health, of the lone worker
  • The length of the shift including if outside normal working hours
  • Using electricity

If any of the above mentioned situation an employee get trapped, he or she should be consulted because they have important information regarding the incident and can suggest possible safety measures. However, a lot of the business owners treat their staff as an asset. Therefore, they pay high attention to the security of their workers by providing them some kind of tracking devices via ZenduIT.

Once the risks have been identified, appropriate control measures need to be implemented. Measures such as training, instruction, monitoring, personal protective equipment and the possible provision of safety devices to detect non-movement can all be considered.