Samsung, top smart watch supplier in 2014

After smart phones and tablets, smart wearing device is another new market. In 2014, Sony, LG, Samsung ASUS launched their smart watches. In 2015, more and more smart phones or tablets suppliers in China started to launch their smart watches. In CES 2015 and MWC 2015, we can see a lot of smart wearing devices from China. Recently, Ontablets released a report. After a investigation, Samsung becomes the top smart watch supplier. The sales of its smart watch is over 1.2 million pieces. 

The report listed the top 10 smart watch suppliers. Samsung is ranking 1st. Following are Pebble and Fitbit. Their sales are 700 and 600 thousand pieces separately. From 4th to 6th are Sony, Lenovo and LG. Their sales are quite similar. The bottom one is ASUS, its sales is only 120 thousand pieces. 

Though, ASUS is ranked bottom, but considering that its first smart watch is launched in last 3rd quarter, and available for sale in last Nov, so its sales is still very good. The good sales result of Lenovo should thank to the Moto 360. 

In 2015, we believe, there will be more and more suppliers entering this market, and competition will be much higher. Now, in market, there are only Android Wear, iOS, WebOS and Tizen OS for smart watches. But their performance and battery life are not good enough.