Surface Pro 4 may adopt new Samsung SSD disc

News from USA, Microsoft has ordered 256GB SSD hard disc with NVME port to upgrade the Surface Pro 4 tablet pc. As we know, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 which was launched one year ago, adopted the Samsung SSD memory 840 EVO with mSATA port. Its reading speed is 600MB per second. The reading speed of this new Samsung SSD will be four times of old one. 

Last month, STCAMUSA disclosed that the new Surface Pro 4 may be introduced into market in this autumn, but people from Korea said that Samsung can only finish the order of new SSD at the second half of next year. That means Surface Pro 4 can not be launched within this year, we may have to wait till next year. 

In meanwhile, Microsoft released its 128GB edition Surface Pro 3 I7 recently, the new Surface Pro 4 may affect its sales if it goes to market too early. So we are quite sure we can not see the Surface Pro 4 within this year. 

Of course, one year is not a long time. We believe the new Surface Pro 4 will be more powerful than Surface Pro 3. Except the SSD, Microsoft may also upgrade the CPU as well, and the operation system will be Windows 10 for sure.