Homemade pasta making is easy for you now since Marcato Company is manufacturing pasta making machines. For almost 80 years this company is involved in engineering the pasta making machines and as there are many different models by this company available, some of the top valued pasta making machines by this company is the AmpiaMotor by Marcato, AtlasMotor by Marcato, Marcato Regina and the Marcato Wellness 150.

AmpiaMotor Pasta Making Machine by Marcato

The AmpiaMotor is the prime model by this company and the characteristics of this machine includes

A Pastadrive motor which helps you in making the pasta in a quick way.

Lasagne, Tagliolini and Fettuccine pasta shapes can be created with the help of this machine.

Thickness adjustment control is present in this model that gives you ability to control your pasta thickness till 4.8mm.

5 international patents are included in this machine.

10 dough recipes.

10 years warranty.

AtlasMotor Pasta Making Machine by Marcato

The AtlasMotor is another good pasta machine that consist the following properties

The AtlasMotor gives you opportunity to make three famous pasta shapes that includes the Tagliolini, Fettuccine and Lasagne but you also have option to make 12 more pasta shapes and to do that you need to purchase 12 cutting accessories.

This machine also has the thickness adjustment in it. You can make your pasta thick between 0.6 to 4.8mm.

5 international patents are in this machine and this machine has 10 years of warranty.

Regina Pasta Making Machine by Marcato

The Regina has the following features in it

The Regina can make 5 pasta shapes because of the 5 dies in it. So you can select any of the shapes among the rigatoni, maccheroncini, bucatini, maccheroni and fusilli and make the pasta.

This machine is very easy to operate and to clean you can clean the remains of the dough with a toothpick.

This machine has a warranty of 10 years and it even includes 10 dough recipes so that you can enjoy and taste different pastas every time you want to.

Atlas 150 Pasta Making Machine by Marcato

This machine is also called as the marcato wellness 150 and it is the family member of AmpiaMotor. The Atlas 150 is a leading homemade pasta making machine that includes the characteristics

This machine is available in 9 beautiful and arresting colors.

3 pasta shapes that includes tagliolini, fettuccine and lasagne.

12 extra accessories.

5 international patents.

10 years warranty.

Thickness can be adjusted between 0.6mm to 4.8mm.

Pastamotor drive can also be attached.

The Marcato Wellness 150, AmpiaMotor, AtlasMotor, Regina are the exemplary pasta making machines. Apart from these models, other pasta making machine models by this company are of fine quality and another best thing about all the machines by Marcato is that all are economical.