Get Set Go-Father’s Day Edition

Courtesy: acesociety

Don’t our fathers simply love the breakfast in bed and a good old tool box on Father’s Day! I’m sure everyone wants to make this day special for their fathers by going an extra mile. How about doing something different this year, like games at your dad’s surprise Father’s Day party.

We know games sound a little immature but trust us, your dad is going to love these games. Here is a list of games which you can arrange this Father’s Day with the help of event management companies in Sydney.

1. Guess the Tool

It’s interesting how our fathers know their tools and can tell them apart, I can’t even differentiate between a hammer and a mallet. The game goes like this; blind fold your dad with his tool box in front of him, ask the kids to pick out one tool at a time and let the guessing games begin.

2. Tied Together

Divide your guests in teams of two consisting of a father and a kid, tie their hands together and assign them tasks to complete. The first team to complete the task wins the game.

3. BBQ Relay

This is just like any other relay race but with a twist. Dads love to BBQ so before they get behind the grill let them have some fun. Divide the group into teams and distribute the utensils. The first team to collect all items and reach the end point wins. Another fun game could be scavenger hunt.

Putting in a little effort this Father’s Day will bring joy and help you bond more with your dads.

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