Spyware – Safeguard Your Computer From Spyware Attack

Spyware is one type of program which is able to install itself and collect users’ important information. Also, it is able to degrade users’ computer experience, the performance of systems or invade their privacy. What’s more, it can take use of users system resources including programs installed on their computer or collect, utilize or disseminate their personal information or sensitive information.

The definition of spyware is drafted by ASC in August, 2005 and defined spyware or other potential unwanted technology like this: spyware is able to degrade users’ computer experience and system safety, invade their privacy or collect, use and spread users’ sensitive or personal information.

There is no specific definition of spyware. However, as its name hints, it is classified as one kind of software which is capable of collecting information, and sends it to the third parities without users’ approval. Usually, it is able to monitor keystroke, collect confidential information like password, credit card number, PIN codes and so on. It also has the capability to get email address, track browsing histories. Spyware can also decelerate network performance, system speed and the whole process. Although the running of it bases on the network connection of C/S mode, it is quite different when connecting to the Internet. During the invasion, it is not the remote server, but the Trojan server port on victim’s computer that offers the request. The first Trojan which used this definition is called Nethief which is designed to steal files inside local area network.

Spyware has no definite definition because it contains a lot of programs which are related to malicious program. Most spyware are relevant to adware, adult software, invader, and Trojan horse such as  Backdoor Trojans, Trojan Proxies and PSW Trojans. These programs has been existed as the appearance of the first AOL password stealing program.

One accessory of spyware is adware. Meanwhile, spyware exist in the form of backdoor program which has the capability to open port, run ftp server or collect keystroke information and send it to the attackers. Spyware is able to stay in legitimate commercial program and give access to network administrator to monitor system.

Although these programs are not newly released, the number of malicious programs increase constantly and arouse the attention of media and anti-spyware companies.

 Spyware is one kind of program which is able to install backdoor, collect users’ information without letting them know.

Spyware becomes a worldwide program in order to enlarge its existing space. It is designed to be similar to the anti-spyware of Microsoft companies in visual sense or sensory organ for sake of confusing users to install this spyware without a sign.