Songs That Made Leonard Cohen Top The Music Charts

Well, Leonard Cohen is a talented singer. He writes his own songs. He is multitalented because he can also write poems and has actually written quite a number of poems as well and he is also a novelist. There are claims that he is also good at painting but he has not explored this talent so much. He does painting during his leisure time for fun. Well, there are various songs that he has produced that became an instant hit on the date they were released. Check out Mahee Ferlini reviews online at her YouTube channel. You will easily watch the videos there. It is a good idea to also gather as much info regarding his music career as possible. In fact through various Youtube videos that have been uploaded online, you can also give your opinion of the songs that the writer has uploaded on the YouTube channel.

One of the songs that has made him so famous is the rendition of the song hallelujah. To date there are many reviews on the song and many people actually ask for the song to be played at various functions. It has made him a superstar. The song I am your man is also famous. It made him the rock and roll star at the time it was released. If you have not watched the video online, then check out Mahee Ferlini YouTube channel. In fact at Mahée ferlini YouTube channel you will e babel to play any of Leonard Cohen’s songs. Take time to read review son his musical career as well. In fact many people claim that they have not yet watched the song’ dance me to the end of love’. Well if you have not watched this video then you are missing out. You can watch the video at Mahée Ferlini’s YouTube channel. She has uploaded most of Leonard Cohen’s hit songs.

Cohen’s Music Career In The 1980’s

In the 1980’s, Leonard Cohen enjoyed lots of success with his music attracting a new generation of fans. At this point Cohen was doing well commercially. Unfortunately, Cohen’s life has started spinning out of control; he could not perform on stage before taking three to four bottles wine. Trying to get his life back on track, Cohen decided to seek sanctuary at the Zen center in 1994, after completing a world tour where he was marketing his newest album titled The Future. Prior to that, Leonard Cohen had been a frequent visitor of the Zen center monastery for more than a decade. At times, he was spending more than three months. As a matter of fact, there is a time that the world has lost him for good. It is in 1994 that Cohen donned on a black robe and shaved his hand and devoted his life 100% to study of Zen Buddhism.

When asked what he was doing at the Zen center, Cohen said that he was not looking for religion, or a series of rituals. However, Leonard Cohen admitted that he had great sense of disorder in his life combined with distress, depression and chaos. Follow Mahée Ferlini to learn everything that happened when Cohen was at the Zen center.  

How Leonard Cohen Made It In Music

Born in Quebec Canada in 1934, Leonard Cohen is not a new name in the music industry; he is a well known poet, novelist and songwriter. While his musical career has overshadowed his other works, we must appreciate Cohen for his works as a poet and novelist. As a matter of fact, Leonard Cohen has continued publishing poems and novels with this newest the book of longing featuring some of the best poems ever written in human history, recently in 2006, Cohen published the book of longing with his best artwork. In terms of music, Cohen has specialized in writing folk songs, both in instrumentation and melodies, but since the 80’s, Cohen’s music style has changed sporadically and this can be attributed to the new influence by the upcoming types of music.

Today, Cohen sings in a deep bass register with female backing vocals and synthesizers, this is a way of accommodating the fans who have grown with Cohen. Leonard Cohen’s songs are lyrically sophisticated and emotionally heavy. In most cases, Cohen’s artwork explores religion, sex, interpersonal relationships and isolation. Follow Mahee Ferlini to listen to Leonard Cohen’s most popular songs and learn why he has been a music legend for many years all over the world.