Is There Any Truth to The iPAS2 Scam Claims?


Is there any truth behind these claims and is iPas2 a scam product? Like any online marketing business-training program that promises enormous success, the iPAS Internet marketing system is often labeled by reviewers and bloggers as a marketing scam.  There are lots of Internet search results that claim to have detailed knowledge of the iPAS2 system and have proof that it is indeed a scam. These people will often refer to the iPAS system scam. Many of these results are written by people who have signed up for the program but have failed to earn the income or rewards they hoped to achieve through the system.  Other iPAS scam claims are directed towards the company’s founders, including Chris Jones. Because of these previous product questions many online bloggers and reviewers have labeled the iPAS Marketing System as the Chris Jones scam or the Empower Network scam. This probably due to some of the other products that Jones has created in the past that have made people question their legitimacy.

This is where he got the name pizza boy millionaire. The iPAS system’s is often questioned about his past as well, which includes going from a poor pizza delivery boy to a millionaire using online marketing techniques.