Getting dressed for dance lessons: What to wear to Hip-Hop and Jazz lessons?

What to wear to Hip-Hop dance classes?

Hip hop dance classes often have a very different type of requirement than any other dance forms. Tight fitting clothing is a no-no situation as they restrict movements. Instead, both men and women should wear clothes that are a bit baggy, such as athletic pants, long shorts and T-shirts and the long pants or shorts will help protect the knees from getting scraped and during movements on the floor. The right type of footwear is also important, you might want to get yourself a pair of athletic shoes that would not mark or scar the studio floor.

What to wear to Jazz dance classes?

Jazz dance lessons would typically allow students a little more freedom. A female student would be allowed to wear a leotard and different colored tights or even bra tops and jazz shorts. Though the shorts should be tight fitting and short enough so that the instructor is able to see most of the leg. Special shoes are also recommended – it is possible to go bare feet as well, but most dance instructors would not advise that as going bare feet could cause blisters and sore feet when dancing without shoes.