Why You Need MREs When You Camp

If you are going camping you want everything you take with you to be light and easy to carry. You don't want to have to drag around lots of heavy equipment because this is going to make your camping trip much less enjoyable. You don't want to have to haul around a lot of food either. If you bring MREs with you, you will get to enjoy healthy and lightweight meals that are going to be delicious to eat.

MREs, like the one from Eversafe or MRE Star, are ready to eat and they don't even need water or heat to enjoy. You can buy them in a huge selection of different flavors and styles and they are a delicious way to enjoy your food. MREs are ultra lightweight and portable and the bags are waterproof and durable so you don't have to worry about them ripping or water getting into them when you are camping.

You will find a variety of flavor options and there are even vegetarian and vegan options. You can buy snacks, desserts, fruit and vegetable options and full meals when you use MREs. They make camping much easier because you don't have to drag around pots and pans and you don't need plates or utensils to eat the food. If you want an effective and efficient way to enjoy your camping trip better then you should consider using MREs.

You can find a huge variety of MREs online and they come in every price range. You are probably going to want to spend some time comparing prices with some of the different sites to make sure that you are getting a good deal on your MREs. They are essential when you camp and they allow you to eat a variety of food without having to cook on the go.

What are military grade MREs?

Food, clothes and shelter are considered to be the essential amenities of life, but the food is the most important of them. Ever since the stage of early man, man has found several ways to produce food, either by hunting or by the means of agriculture. People earn to satisfy their hunger. But sometimes, in some professions, there may be cases that the availability of food becomes somewhat difficult. One such job is related to an army.

To meet the food demands of the people in this profession, the Unites States have prepared dietary supplements in case the prepared food is absent. This is termed as MRE meals, or it is called as a meal, ready-to-eat. MRE replaced Meal, Combat, Individual ration (MCI) and is the heir of LRP ration. 

A good example of military grade meals, ready to eat is 1300XT XMRE available to the civilian market. Anyone can buy some to try out from reputable sellers such as MRE Giant

Bygone days

Congressional resolution during the juncture of revolutionary war introduced the first soldier ration that had just sufficient meal to feed a single man for one entire day. This food consisted of the following: beef, rice and peas. In the later days, the self-contained kits were made that contained beef, sugar, rice, meat and pork that were all canned. 

During the time period of First World War, canned meat was excluded and was somewhat replaced by the lightweight meals that were perhaps simplified for the soldiers who had to carry their food as they travelled. With the commencement of Second World War, new field rations were introduced.


Department of Defense began to manufacture MRE in the year 1963. It had its reliance on the contemporary food making technique and modern packaging methodology. Dr Abdul Rahman, a food scientist, has been considered as the father of meals, ready-to-eat.   


Now, let have a look at the MRE meals. What it has to offer the soldiers:

•    Entrée, which is also termed as the main course

•    Cheese, jelly and peanut butter are spread all over

•    Bag for mixing the beverage

•    The major part is the side dish

•    A mixture of powdered beverage that includes the following: drink of fruit flavour, shakes made up of dairy, instant tea and coffee, energy drink

•    Seasonings such as salt, pepper, creamer, tabasco sauce, sugar

•    Xylitol chewing gum

•    Bread

•    Crackers

•    Dessert

•    Snacks such as soldier fuel bar, candy, fortified pastry


With every meal, you acquire 1200 calories. They should be eaten for a maximum period of 21 days. Their shelf life extends to the maximum of 5 years. The packaging requirements must not be lenient. The packaging is expected to maintain a shelf life of maximum 6 years. However, new forms of packaging are being taken into account in order to backup the requirements.