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Buying wholesale from China for any item can be tricky business. Its a whole different ball game for Westerners when it comes to the culture and practices in China. Choosing the right manufacturer or wholesale supplier is not easy for someone who does not understand the Chinese culture or speaks the Chinese language. The mindset of most Chinese businesses is still behind times. While the country has achieved great economic success, the people's mindset has yet to reach the same level. With more than 5000 years worth of culture and traditions, there exists an undeniable gap between Western businesses/ purchasers and Chinese manufacturers.

Cannabis Vape Pen Cartridge

Alfinity Technology prides itself being different from the pack. It distinguishes itself from the majority (if not all) of their competitors. The company specializes in vape pen/ vaporizer manufacturing. Anyone who has bought disposable vape pen wholesale from AlfinityTech will know that their quality speaks for itself. Dealing with their customer service is also a breeze. Whether it is before, during or after sales, communication is guaranteed to be effective, efficient and prompt. They often claim that no want wants your business more than they do and they not only walk the talk, they practically run with it. This is a really bold claim to make but with plenty of satisfied clients, who is to say that they are wrong?

Language is never a barrier with AlfinityTech. The founder is an English MBA graduate that puts a lot of emphasis on customer service. The underlying philosophy is that effective and efficient communication is key. The founder says, "if you plan to sell something to China, you had better learn some decent Chinese as well!". When praised for their exceptional English language ability, they will reply that they are not really that good. They are only deemed as good because their competitors are far too inferior. They love to be compared with competitors because it only makes them look better.

At the moment, they are most proud of their latest innovation, which is a newly designed and exclusive disposable/ rechargeable cannabis oil vape pen that uses an internal tank, instead of cotton fibers to soak up oils. AlfinityTech Vaporizer Wholesale department says that this will be the mainstream model for a long time and set the standard for the industry, until they come up with another innovation to replace this current one. Wholesale enquiries are welcome and very much sought after by the company. Large orders will have a designated production line dedicated to them personally and exclusively.