Engage Art On The Waterfront

“Love where you live” is the fundamental mantra in which the Daniels Corporation operates upon. All their projects are undertaken with an all-encompassing aim of making homeowners fall in love with their homes. This principle in every regard is strongly expressed in their new development of waterfront condos, based in Queens Quay East, Toronto. The ideal location of these water front condos is a testament to the ambition expressed by the Daniels Corporation in embarking on this venture and is also certain to encourage the growth of a very diverse neighborhood and resident population.

Also called the city of the arts, Daniels waterfront condos will be close to various arts and cultural organizations which is an indication that art enthusiasts will certainly be thrilled by the prospect of living in the condominiums as they represent to condos connection to the arts and there shall be an assortment of art themed festivals and special events to take part in. Amenities provided in Daniels waterfront condos are of modern standards, recreational areas and outdoor facilities such as a fitness center, art studio, lounging areas, etc. shall be easily accessible by homeowners. Mindfully designed interior of the 516 units which are to make up the condominium simply reflect a simple fact: the Daniels Corporation are poised to transform waterfront structures with this development.