Understanding the Different Kinds of Custom Suits

Today most suit retailers, as well a lot of specialty companies offer a custom suit program which, like their off the rack counter part, ranges from "budget" (Online Hong Kong Tailors can charge as low as $300 a suit) to "Obscene" (Kitons K-50 suits sell for as much as 40K!). The issue arises in the fact that most Americans have a loose definition as to what constitutes a "budget" custom suit vs an "obscene" custom suit. In fact in the event you do a fast search on the net you will find companies using terms like bespoke, custom suits, master tailor, made to measure etc. to report their clothing, all at staggeringly differing cost points. This adds to the confusion. You can also visit benjaminbespoke.com to get more info.

Before designers, large brand names, warehouse stores and suit brokers dominated the land scape, well dressed men of all stature, flocked to elderly world tailors who constructed custom suits cut for each individual person. As time went by and the advent of mass production became the norm, finding these master craftsmen became harder and harder. Today a large amount of Americans still wear suits, though most are prepared made and available at a bevy of retailers ranging in cost from "budget" to "obscene". Americans have usually shied away from custom suits because of a misconception of exorbitant costs and pretentiousness. in the work of hard economic times, custom suits have become more a symbol of excess than value. While prepared made suits continue to dominate the marketplace and full fill the necessity for instant gratification, increasingly consumers are beginning to see the worth that custom suits, with their ideal fit and high finish craftsmanship, deliver.

What is the difference between the $300 dollar custom suit and the $40,000? If only the answer was so simple. In European locales such as the United Kingdom and Germany the terms "custom suit" and "bespoke" are protected by law. Companies must adhere to strict promotion standards to make use of these terms together with their goods and services. The same does not apply to the US though, as all the terms surrounding custom suits have become murky and interchangeable. Understanding these terms is an important part of getting the best value for your clothing dollar. Bottom line is… understanding these terms will help you get the best of what you are paying for. You can also visit http://leekernaghancmc.com/get-the-best-suitings-in-your-area/ to get more info.

Bespoke Suits

Bespoke is the highest level of custom suits. This method remains unchanged for over a hundred years and is the truest kind of elderly world custom tailoring. Today it is only available through master tailors and will usually cost around $5,000 on up (as high as 40K).