The Meaning Behind Your Urine Color

Ever wondered what the meaning behind your urine color might be? Most people don’t pay too much attention to their urine color until something “odd” happens or a feeling of discomfort occurs while using the restroom. Interesting enough, paying attention to your urine color might help you keep track of your health. Urine colors can vary from transparent, shades of yellow, brown, brown, and red. Keep in mind consistently off-color urine should be discussed with a medical professional, or your local Nutritionist Lose Weight San Diego 

Transparent urine usually means your body is very well hydrated and maybe even too hydrated. If your urine is a clear color all the time, you can probably ease up on the water for a little bit your bladder will thank you. On the other hand, the shades of yellow include pale straw, transparent yellow, dark yellow, and amber/honey colored. Pale straw is where your body is at its best. It’s not overly hydrated nor dehydrated. It simply means you’re doing everything right. Now on the other hand there’s transparent yellow, now this means your hydration levels are still normal but push to drink a little more water and aim for pale straw. If you reach the spectrum of dark yellow, it is not a serious health issue, but you’ll need to hydrate and drink more water. What you’ll want to pay attention to is amber or honey colored, start drinking more water as soon as possible, your kidneys will thank you! Along with the function of your kidneys, drinking plenty of water at this point will also help with lowering your risk of high blood pressure, especially if there is too much salt in your diet. Drink lots of water, and aim for hydration!

Brown urine can be tricky, if you drink plenty of water and see a change of a lighter yellow than you are in the clear, keep drinking water to stay hydrated. However, if there’s no change it might be a sign of liver disease, please go see a doctor. Furthermore, orange and red urine can be caused by food dye; nevertheless it still means you’re not getting enough water. If eliminating food dye and being hydrated doesn’t clear up your urine color, it might be a health issue like kidney disease, urinary infections, or mercury poisoning. Please speak with your doctor.

Drinking water can be difficult for some people, but you can always infuse it with fruit, lemon, or mint to make it taste better. If you’re having difficulty keeping track of your water intake, and how you can stay hydrated contact your local Weight Loss San Diego to see how staying hydrated benefits your body.

Chiropractic Treatment to Deal with Body Pain and other Health Issues

Chiropractic therapy includes various natural methods for treatment like spinal distraction, manual therapy and body manipulation. It has been practiced for many years already but it is just in recent years that it got the attention of many. Spinal adjustment for back pain has been recorded to be effective and safe. Pain like back pain could be due to different reasons which include altered position of the vertebra which is a condition known as subluxation. This condition is treated by a chiropractor by performing different adjustment techniques on the affected area. Most of the time, chiropractors use their hands in performing this adjustment. But, there is now equipment or tools available which could be used by chiropractors in the treatment. Some people are afraid to give this treatment a try since they learn from other people that the process produces popping and cracking sound. There is nothing to worry about this since this is not a sign that bones are broken. The sound is due to the release of gas in the joints. With this, pressure in the joints is reduced or eliminated.

Aside from adjustment techniques, chiropractors could also use other manual methods like traction, massage and stretching. Chiropractors believe that in order to gain more positive results, spine manipulation has to be combined with the proper exercise routine. This exercise aims to strengthen the body and stimulate self-healing. The best thing about chiropractic approach is it does not rely on medicines for treatment. Patients will not be advised to undergo surgery. It is also good to note that chiropractors are professional enough to refer their patient to other health professionals if ever they see that the condition is beyond their capacity.

Though spine manipulation also has its risks, the benefits outweigh these risks. For a safe and effective treatment, it is necessary to be in the hands of a licensed and well-experienced chiropractor. When you observe that the pain you experience starts to become recurring, immediately see a chiropractor in order to prevent any serious complications.