Tips For Transporting Cable Drums

Cables plays an essential part in carrying electric current from one place to another. They are essentially needed in houses, industries, factories, shops, markets, basically anywhere there is need to use electricity. These cables are transported in huge cable rolls. For the transportation of huge cable rolls accessories like cable drums are used so it is easier to lift and carry them.


To ensure that cables do not get damaged during transportation, here are some tips that you can follow.

1. Upright position

When transporting cables in drums make sure they are placed in an upright position. In any other position, there is a chance that either the drum or the cable inside may get damaged or roll out of the drum. Cable drums also ensure that the cable does not get tangled. You can easily get cable drum stands for sale to use for keeping the drums in the right position.

2. Lift cable drums carefully

You have to be very careful when lifting a cable reel or a drum. Preferably, use a shaft for lifting. Ensure that it is passing through the centre of the drum and the wire spreader. If you do not have a shaft for lifting heavy cable reels or drums, you can also use a fork lift. When using a forklift ensure that the cable drum does not touch the ground and there should be difference of at least 20 centimetres between the drum and the ground. Always be careful when lowering the drum on the ground.

To make the process of transporting cable reels or drums easier you can also use drum rollers along with different types of stands.