Is Flotrol Bladder Control Just For Seniors?

Flotrol bladder control supplement is engineered for anyone dealing with urinary incontinence issues. Regardless of whether you are sixty or twenty, you can have success with this supplement. Bladder control issues tend to happen to the majority of people in their elder years as their muscles tend to weaken. This is why bladder control supplements are mainly marketed to the senior generation. However, this doesn't mean that if you're experiencing bladder control problems before your golden years you shouldn't use them.

In fact, Flotrol is recommended for anyone over the age of eighteen years old. This supplement is classified as a dietary supplement that is made of all natural ingredients. The main active ingredients you will read anywhere online when you find this supplement is soybean germ and pumpkin seed extracts. Both of these extracts are all natural and safe for your body, assuming you're not allergic to either compound. You can read over the exact ingredients in this supplement when you visit

When combined together into the Flotrol bladder control supplement, these active ingredients supply the bladder walls with the nutrients they need to grow stronger. When your bladder muscles grow stronger, you will have better control of your bladder functions. This means no more involuntary leakage that is embarrassing.