Reasons Behind Popularity Of KVM over CAT 5 Switches

A KVM over CAT5 extender provides the capability to control a computer using its attached peripheral devices remotely. A space ranging between 330 feet around 1000 ft is possible by linking the local and the remote units via group cables, but for even larger distances the KVM over Fiber version may be used.

Composed of a compact sized transmitter and a receiver device, these devices offer an inexpensive solution for connectivity over a huge distance. Buy online KVM CAT5 switches at a reasonable price on Cat 5 KVM Switches.  

cat5 switches

Whilst from the USB version, the receiver requires external power whereas the transmitter draws power directly from the computer to which it is attached, in different variants both units need external power.

Also referred to as CAT5 KVM Extender, this piece of hardware has a plug and play performance requiring no additional drivers or software for operation. Installation is straightforward and doesn’t require complicated network configurations.

High-end versions of the device are available with optional stereo audio, RS232, and infrared remote control. Supporting multiple platforms like DOS, Windows 3x, 9x, 2000, NT, ME, XP, Novell, Linux, UNIX, this expansion device has a vital feature that’s the security of sensitive hardware since the servers and PCs may be isolated from the people controlling them. Latest versions are also available with double user choices allowing two users to operate on exactly the same computer.

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