MMA Fighter Rashad Evans

Rashad Evans started his professional MMA livelihood around 2008 at which he won 5 MMA conflicts under the teachings of Dan Severn.  This got him a gig on the best MMA fighter of all time , that was a Spike television reality series.

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During the course of this series, he overcomes competitors Tom Murphy, Keith Jardine, Mike Whitehead, and eventually Brad Imes so as to procure a three-year UFC contract.

Evans next major career landmark was when he conquered Chuck Liddell at a convincing success at UFC 88 at 2008.  The battle ended with Liddell attempting to uppercut him awakened with a large right hand and then got it blank to down him.

It had been considered one of the fantastic knockouts of this year and procured Evans as a premier fighter in the league. In 2008, Evans has the opportunity to fight Forrest Griffin for the UFC light heavyweight title belt.

The battle has been scheduled for December 27 and had a great deal of hype about it.  The first two rounds were Griffin as he maintained Evans at bay using an onslaught of low kicks and accuracy striking.

The next round was Rashad got his break and fell Griffin and finished him off with a few old-fashioned pound and ground.  He grabbed the name and has been believed fighter of the year.

Ever since that reduction to Machida, Evans continues to be on the road back for back his belt.  He had been scheduled to combat Thiago Silva at UFC 108 and has been advised that when he could conquer him he’d have a chance at taking on Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

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