Castors Get Conveyors Moving

What are castors? This is an age old question. Are they stars in the Gemini galaxy or small perforated shakers for sprinkling powdered sugar, or a pivoting roller attached to the bottom of furniture and machinery to make them movable, or a kind of American beaver?

If you were to type castors, or casters, as our friends over the pond in America spell the term, into an internet search engine, the answer to the above question could be all four!  However in an industrial environment castors are by definition a wheel on a swiveling axle, attachable to aid maneuverability.You can visit to know more about advantages of using load moving equipments.

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Over the years there have been some ingenious designs of castors to aid the movement of objects. One of the most current dynamic castors developments has been in the field of conveyor systems. Glass by its nature is fragile and brittle and great care is taken within the manufacturing procedure to ensure wastage is kept to a minimum.

A recent development has been the glass handling castors, designed exactly for handling such delicate and polished flat sheet surfaces in the glass manufacturing process. These castors are fundamentally either a rubber, polyurethane or nylon ball, sitting on a threaded stem.

 Set these ball castors alongside each other, as if on a conveyor, and the ball of the castor comes into contact with the glass or wood and allows effortless movement along the conveyor system. 

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