Campervan Holidays in Byron Bay

Planning a campervan trip can be tough if you have not done it before. Getting the car, planning where to go etcetera can all be a little confusing. However the end result is definitely worth it. Fortunately everything can become really easy if you keep a few basic things in mind. Renting the van is simple; you can go to one of the many rental companies who rent out vans. You can opt for a full blown recreational vehicle like a musician’s tour bus or perhaps a smaller one like Volkswagen camper van. For a place like Byron Bay however, we would recommend that you take an older campervan. It will completely blend in with eclectic alternate feel of the little town. For more info about van hire Byron Bay go to the Retro Campervans website.


The second thing you need to look into when you go for a campervan holiday is a caravan site. These should probably be booked in advance if you are going in a season when most people are on holiday and places run the risk of being full. Australia generally has tough rules about roadside parking and you would not want to spoil your holiday because you got yourself a ticket worth a few hundred dollars! Make sure you check out some of the best campervan sites so you can find one that suits your needs. Look at the areas where you want to attempt most of your activities and then opt for a site which is nearby.

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