Cabinet Humidors For Cigar Lovers

Cabinet humidors are specially designed for the serious cigar aficionado. More of an investment than a small desktop humidor that can hold 100 to 200 cigars, cabinet humidors can be as small as a standing chest, can hold up to 8000 cigars or more, can measure as much as four feet wide by 20 inches deep and over six feet in height or larger and resemble a large bookcase, and can cost from the high hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

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These high-quality humidors are designed for the discriminating aficionado, and because of their size and the cost, they’re considered a good long-term investment.

Certainly the bigger the cabinet humidor the smaller the selection of design one can locate; nonetheless, there’s still a wide array of styles and substances that make up cabinet humidors. Virtually every upright cabinet humidor is designed with glass doors for a better demonstration of one’s prized possessions.

There are a couple of important features of successful cabinet humidors. For starters, the humidor pump which maintains the constant humidity levels have to be rated to support the cabinet humidor quantity capacity.

Another is that the shelves have to be slotted in order to allow for a constant and consistent internal humidity level and disbursement of air quantity.

Finally, one should make sure that only high-quality materials are used in the manufacturing of their cabinet humidor. Among the most popular forests is Spanish cedar timber to the inner compartment as this wood type best preserves humidity levels while adding a richer, luxuriant flavor to the cigar.

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