Basic Things To Know Before Getting Cataract Surgery

People depend on their eyes to see their surrounding, read words in various places and recognize the objects, animals and other individuals. Keeping them healthy is important though old age and other factors could affect them which in turn affects the visions of the person affected. Vision impairment may also be caused by an accident though treating them is possible.

An example of a disease that affects your vision is called cataracts which is affecting most people and is more prominent in older persons. Treating them could be done by undergoing a cataract surgery Los Angeles procedure to remove the cause for this problem. This happens when the lens of an eye that is normally clear becomes opaque or cloudy which decreases the vision.

Cataracts usually are part of the gradual process in aging normally but could develop rapidly at times and commonly affect both eyes. It is also common for one to get affected more rapidly than the other which results in more blurred and distorted vision in that eye. Their formation decreases the ability to focus on the light by the retina.

The precise reason for their occurrence is not known though most of them appear due to the changes in protein structures of the natural lens. They can be present at birth or during early childhood too, though this rarely happens, because of various reasons. The reason could be a systemic congenital infection, hereditary enzyme defects or other genetic diseases.

Rapid development may also be caused by intraocular inflammation, surgery or severe trauma to the eye. Other factors in developing it at a younger age include smoking, diabetes, ionizing radiation exposure or being excessively exposed to ultraviolet light. More factors involve the use of medications such as inhaled, topical or oral steroids along with long term intake of phenothiazines and statins.

There are millions of people affected by this disease in the country and they are having difficulties in doing their daily activities. Examples of complaints they most commonly have include difficulty in recognizing faces, watching movies or television, reading and driving at night. These activities are required for a person to have clear visions.

Looking though a smeared grease camera lens, or glasses and even through a dirty windshield is the way having them is described. Some signs and symptoms for this disease are visual changes like dull color, difficulty with glare, blurred vision and increased nearsightedness. This accompanies changing of eyeglass prescription more frequently than you normally do.

Changing your glasses may help initially once the changes in your vision starts to happen due to a cataract. However, when this continues in becoming denser and cloudier, stronger contact lenses and eyeglasses will not be enough in improving eyesight. Noticing them is hard if only one eye is affected and they only notice them when both eyes have the problem.

Medical eye examination is needed to detect the opacification and cloudiness of the lens of your eyes due to cataracts. They use various test to determine how much cataract is affecting you. This is to make certain that the problem is not because of other reasons like macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes.

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