All About Circulator Pump

Circulator Pumps are the core of a hot water heating system. With no pump circulating the water, there’s absolutely not any heat. The very first thing you will need to understand is that the water temperature in the boiler.

If the water is warm, 140F or above then the problem isn’t the boiler. It’s heating the water. The next thing is to see whether there is power coming into the circulator pump. Either take the electric cover from the circulator pump engine or check for voltage at the source of the cable going to the circulator pump.

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If there isn’t any voltage, usually 110 volts for the US, then you need to examine why the motor isn’t getting power. I’ll do another article on that issue at the time.

 So now we’ve established that you have electricity coming to the engine. There’s hot water from the boiler nevertheless the pipes going into the radiation are chilly. The next thing to look for, are zone valves.

They are small motorized valves that open and shut to direct the flow of heat to various areas of the home or building. It’s likely that one of these could fail and the circulator pump is operating and moving no water.

Normally the circulator pump will be making a sound and often be quite hot if this is true. Of course, then you want to look at the zone valve. That, we’ll also cover later.

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