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Allow me to make a light but showing a comparison between animals and ourselves, to illustrate how we are fitter and lose that unwanted unsightly fat and reduce waist size.

You likely have not seen an obese animal unless it was a domestic animal being fed the wrong foods.

The point being, that at the wild creatures are not fat, not due to their body burns off fat well or because their food is digested better than individuals but since they eat the right foods which nature meant for them. These foods provide the correct nourishment to live healthily in their own kingdom.

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Some Individuals not only eat the wrong foods themselves, in a weak attempt to decrease waist size, but they also feed their animals the wrong foods which may lead to their being overweight and obese. These individuals are feeding their animals the wrong foods.

These improperly processed foods have things in them that over time trigger various and sundry ailments in the two we humans who consume these foods and in their animals that are being fed these items.

I’ll bet you did not know it, but the things found in a few of those processed foods are at the center of domestic animals experiencing greater incidences of diabetes. How about humans, can we reduce waist size healthily if we are not more cognizant of the need for great food.

So the only living beings that appear to make the wrong decisions in food consumption are individuals and we’re supposed to be the most intelligent! How do we reduce waist size and be fat-free, if we do not realize food is the maximum prescription for our disorders.

Let us get with it if we would like to decrease waist size and find out what the quickest weight loss diet programs are and realize they are all ineffective to a level if we aren’t eating the perfect foods. Do not know what our domestic animals are to perform but I’ll bet if we were to feed them the foods which nature intends, that they’d be healthier as well.

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